The health care system in Poland for years has not developed a program that would effectively help smokers quit smoking addiction. According to prof. Bartosz Łoza, head of the Psychiatry Clinic at the Medical University of Warsaw, smokers should be encouraged to switch to alternative nicotine-supplying products – vape marketplace


As indicated in an interview with Rzeczpospolita, prof. Smoking smoking is not only addictive by nicotine, but also by behavioral ritual. It is part of the cultural codes. Taking the smoker from this world of symbols and reinforcements will hinder effective therapy – emphasizes the specialist.


He points out that 80 percent of people who have decided to go on therapy to get out of this addiction within six months return to addiction. A common reason is not so much hunger for nicotine as inability to replace smoking-related rituals.


In the opinion of the priest, it also explains why among people who want to part with addictions, products that imitate the smoking ritual like NWT and e-cigarettes are gaining popularity.


It indicates that users of these new products up to 2/3 declare that it is for them the preliminary stage to the final cessation of nicotine. He emphasizes that this is a rational compromise to protect against extremely serious health and social damage.


The expert reminds that years ago methadone – used to reduce damage in opiate addiction – was accused of promoting drug addiction. Today, methadone is normal in clinical practice. NWT and e-cigarettes give smokers a chance to reduce catastrophic somatic damage. Therefore, in his opinion, they may be smoking patients indicated as a safer alternative to nicotine.


The professor notes that in developed countries (United Kingdom, USA, Japan) postulates the widespread conversion from classic cigarettes to NWT and e-cigarettes, and even writing them on prescriptions and setting their distributors in hospital departments. – In other words, for people who can not give up nicotine at all, postulates the pragmatic elimination of “smoking” itself – which is the main source of damage to the body, while leaving nicotine – says the professor.

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