When searching for a door to fit in your garage or let the outside world in, plenty of options are available. But if you want something truly unique, think about investing in a timber door.

Wood has an exquisite beauty created by each piece’s grain. You can craft these natural colours and textures into a stunning design statement for your home that truly expresses who you are.

You have several wood types: oak, hickory, walnut, white pine and maple. There will be a perfect fit, no matter what you decide on for the door – or just personal preference.

Wood can be an attractive addition to your home, especially if you have a rustic or country aesthetic. As such, many people choose wooden doors for their interior design projects.

Another advantage of wooden doors is that they can be tailored to suit your requirements and aesthetics. You can select the size, wood type and other details like design work.

When selecting the perfect wood for your door, it’s essential to think about its appearance after staining or painting. A suitable stain will give it a beautiful finish, while paint adds colour and texture. Furthermore, consider what type of grain pattern you desire for your door.

Alder is ideal for stained doors due to its clearly defined wood grain. Its light brown hue can complement other furniture colours or add a rustic charm to your space.

Walnut is a darker and richer wood that pairs perfectly with dark furniture to create an eye-catching design scheme in your home. Additionally, walnut makes great doors due to their strength and resistance against moisture penetration.

Hickory is an excellent option for durable hardwood that can be paired with various home decor styles. Additionally, it’s naturally insulating – helping keep your house cool in summer and warm in winter.

Other woods used for door-making include larch, iroko and cedar. Each has a distinctive grain that can be crafted into an eye-catching door that will add character to any home.

They are also easily repairable if any damage does occur and don’t require replacing the entire door. Furthermore, there is no need to repaint or stain them.

Though more expensive than other doors, a high-quality timber door is worth the extra investment. Not only will they add an elegant and timeless charm to your home, but they can also increase its resale value when selling it.

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