If we were to consider a list of the most convenient inventions in humanity’s history, the car would surely rank high. Moving from place to place quickly, comfortably and relatively cheaply is an everyday occurrence for many of us. But do you ever wonder what to do if your car fails? It stops in the middle of the road, or you can’t get into it? Well…

Always on standby

In an ideal world, you’d have a car that’s regularly serviced so that any breakdowns are dealt with before there’s a major problem on the road. You also have a comprehensive insurance package, including assistance, so that you can always count on possible support on the road? No matter whether it concerns towing the vehicle to a garage, accommodation during a journey, legal assistance via phone, a replacement car or covering the costs from auto casco. What’s more? Your vehicle is almost reliable, and randomness and lousy luck bypass you by a wide margin. You travel only safely and only in comfort.

Bang! The sound of a bursting bubble certainly interrupts other fantasies. We don’t live in a perfect world, although you probably do a lot to keep your car as efficient and reliable as possible. However, breakdowns happen when you least expect it, sometimes really complicating life. To find out how to respond to two common traffic incidents? And it’s not just about collisions or accidents. Who should you ask for help? How to avoid pitfalls and additional dangers?

Discharged car battery

First of all, always have with you cables that allow you to connect to another car to recharge the battery in a crisis moment. But again ? we are talking about a desirable and model situation ? or maybe for some reason, you do not have such cables with you.

What to do when our battery goes flat while we are driving? Or we are outside the house, in a car park, but we can not start the car? There is nothing to do but leave your vehicle in a safe place and look for help. There may be a car passing by or parked somewhere nearby whose owner will take a moment and offer his support. He has cables and will let you charge the battery. But what if there is no one nearby? Or nobody can devote our precious time?

If you’re in London or the surrounding area, give us a call. This is a company specialising in emergency lock opening and always ready to start your car by charging the battery through spare cables. Don’t worry that you’re out in the proverbial cold. All it takes is one phone call, and our 24/7 service will be on the scene to help you start your car with a flat battery.

Locked doors

Emergency car opening is also a task for the Locksmith Service. If for some reason you can’t open your car door… don’t panic unnecessarily. Of course, it’s understandable that you feel nervous and stressed, but we’re not talking a no-win situation. On the contrary, if the keys are jammed inside or there’s been some unusual malfunction, it’s certainly possible to unscrew it.

However, you need:

  • comprehensive knowledge and experience;
  • specialised tools and service technology;
  • mobility in reaching the customer.

We offer all three points: we help in London and the surrounding areas. Low prices and 24/7 access (by appointment) mean that if your car is stuck, you don’t have to consider drastic solutions like breaking a window.

On a day-to-day basis, remember to make sure your car is regularly checked over, and that you have the right equipment in case of emergencies (beyond the standard required by law – it’s worth being prepared for nasty surprises). Carry with you the locksmith service’s contact details and make sure you do not leave your keys inside the car when you get out of it.

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