You will achieve the desired results if you learn the appropriate methods that will effectively allow you to get used to wearing a corset. Wearing a corset does not have to be associated with discomfort or sacrifice. Nothing could be more wrong. All you need to do is prepare yourself properly and learn the relevant knowledge. In Poland, there is still very little writing about adopting a corset and waist training. On our website Corsets (hyphen) PL you will find all the necessary information. The GORSETMANIA blog (www.gorsetwyszczuplajÄ… is also being created, where we will regularly publish new articles about real corsets and beautiful photos found on the web.

How tight should I tie my first corset?

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Not too tight! At first glance, this statement may seem pointless, but it contains a fundamental aspect about this question.

A well-fitted corset is supposed to look natural. Under no circumstances should it look like a person wearing a corset looks like they are forced to do so and feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable. We achieve the right natural effect only when a woman really feels good in her outfit. You will never look natural in a corset that is too small or too tightly laced. Waist modeling is a process.

Maybe you thought now “I will never have a small waist, no – I, I can not bear this pressure too long!” This statement, indeed, could be true were it not for the phenomenon that it is very easy to get used to it.

The principle of gradation of pressure is very important in arranging real corsets.

If you are determined to wear the corset for a long time, to actually shape your figure, read some surprising tips. The likelihood of making friends with the corset and achieving a clear reduction of the waist will increase significantly, if at the beginning of your adventure you will not go crazy and excessively squeeze the body.

Your first corset – all you need is 5-10 cm smaller than your natural waist circumference. If you try to tighten the corset to the maximum for a while during fitting, so that the additional panel will be completely hidden, you will probably feel considerable discomfort, but you will be able to withstand it freely. Such a procedure will allow you to see how big the reduction is in the measured corset. How gradually the silhouette will change and what you can achieve in this cut.

Two inches, that’s about 5 cm – that’s enough to tighten the deck at the beginning. 1 inch = 2.54 cm

It is more practical to order a corset 4 inches smaller than the circumference of your natural waist (i.e. about 10 cm), so we recommend buying corsets in our store. The sizes in the table are calculated in this way. You don’t have to count anything. All offered corsets have an additional material panel with a binding that covers and protects the skin of the back and, above all, gives the possibility of free regulation of the binding.

If you decide on a corset 4 inches smaller than the natural waist circumference, then at first do not tighten the corset to the maximum. In the first days, press the waist no more than 5 cm

Remember! Your new corset doesn’t take shape until you wear it regularly. You will soon find out about it after a few days. Tying a corset becomes easy and even pleasant over time.

At the beginning, each new corset is quite stiff and can be a little resistant to fastening. in the following days the whole process becomes easier. You’ll notice this even with the 2nd or 3rd try-on.

When you put on your first new corset, remember the old adage –

A few days later you can see how the corset changes its form. In fact, you won’t feel any pressure or discomfort at all, which means it’s time to tighten your corset a little bit more. And so gradually, you will gradually reach the moment when you can tighten the corset around the waist to the end. When you lace the corset more tightly in the so-called stages, you will probably feel a bit uncomfortable again, maybe even more than on the first day of wearing. However, after some time you will get used to this oppression. I will repeat it like a mantra – Listen to your body! – girls nothing by force. If you feel that your body says: “today I have enough – enough!” do him a favor loosen or remove his corset.

Basically, you can go on to the next stages of reduction in this way, but collecting information from really experienced women who have been wearing corsets regularly for many years and have also experimented a lot, I learned that the waist should rather not be compressed more than 20-25% of its natural circumference . This is the only way to maintain an acceptable level of comfort. Example: let’s say your natural waist circumference is 65 cm, by applying the gradual habituation of the body to pressure described above (reasonable lacing) you will be able to squeeze even by 13-16 cm, which gives an incredibly narrow waist – 49-52cm.

The period of adopting a corset design usually lasts, say, 10-30 hours. And if we talk about getting used to a big reduction of the waist, i.e. 15-16 cm, the time of taming the body can last from several weeks, even up to several months, it depends on the build of the female body and reason in the initial compression of the stomach and waist. After some time, all women can get used to wearing a corset regularly. If you even have minor health problems, it’s important to consult a doctor for regular wear. Remember corsets with flat underwires around the belly are mainly bought to straighten and stabilize the figure. If you prefer to focus mainly on reducing your waistline, always choose a corset with underwired spiral around the belly.

Do not base your beliefs and decisions solely on heard knowledge, read from hobbyists, from women who do NOT work professionally with corsets. On the Internet you can find, for example, hobby websites, blogs, posts where young girls base their experiences only on their own hobby – on one type of body and corsets only adapted for them. For example, a slim girl, young without fat, without overweight, with a firm body without any deficiencies of the figure, without a pregnancy, no anatomical dysfunction.

What can be an advantage for such a person will turn out to be a bane with a larger figure and vice versa. So many things at the beginning I also did not know – I based my knowledge only on my own experiences and material found on the web – Today, we perceive your diverse needs in a completely different way when choosing a corset, we understand your blockages from physical and mental shortcomings. We do not operate only by mail order, now after 5 years, when 5 days a week we practice the fitting of corsets with women of all ages and sizes (our existing clients were in the waist circumference range from 47 to 148 cm) I understand different needs completely differently, I pay attention to much more possible solutions, otherwise we read the advantages and disadvantages of individual constructions, lengths, underwires, undercuts, etc. … It rarely happens, but it happens that we can not choose anything from the collections offered for an extremely unruly, demanding figure. Remember that our clients are ladies of all ages, sometimes with very individual problems of the figure – we also know when for whom and how a corset can have great therapeutic properties.
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